Verizon White Pages

The Verizon White Pages have been transformed over the past few years into websites that offer phone number lookup in a new modern way, without the need of physical paper or heavy books delivered at doorsteps.

Calling the Verizon customer service regarding the telephone book will have basically give the customer two options: either use an online service to find businesses and personal contacts or have the option to request the old-fashioned phone book to be delivered to the doorstep. While the first option is getting more and more popular, there are still customers who prefer to have a hard copy of the Verizon white pages in their house, next to their landline

Landlines have seen a downfall over the past few years, even with free phone numbers given by operators. Many people prefer using mobile phones as their primary contact number, especially if they are not using it for business. On the other hand, landlines are still popular in companies, which often are related to a certain person having a desk job, the landline being a static piece of equipment, ready to be used only at a specific location.

Doing a business phone search has never been easier thanks to various Internet services that gather information on businesses. Most companies are listed online in a number of websites collecting such information.

Online phone books have gained popularity over the years because of the increased number of people using smartphones and tablets. A tablet can easily replace a phone book, and at the same time have many other functions. Google offers certain caller ID services to users through Android phones. When someone is being called, the caller ID is displayed based on a Google search done automatically for that specific telephone number.

Even though a business phone directory can be listed online, there are plenty of customers who prefer the old telephone book. Tablets have gotten thinner, phones have gotten wider, but some just prefer the bulkiness of the phone book simply for the fact that paper is a more reliable piece on which information can be stored.