General Verizon White Pages updates

The Verizon White Pages have been a part of everyone’s quest of having a reliable experience when finding friends or loved ones. After Verizon decided to discontinue the White Pages, many people have asked themselves how to find other people, regardless of the presence of a PC or a Internet Connection.

The option of delivering the physical telephone book is no longer available, thus older folk with little or no IT knowledge being abandoned from having access to vital information when they need it.


We have 2 camps that dispute this long-old problem. On one side there are the providers who are forced by environmentalist campaigns or laws to stop wasting so much paper on a resource that can be found online, and on the other side we have people who still believe that the Verizon White Pages, accessible anytime, regardless of IT factors, should still be available.

The telephone book has been present in everybody’s home, next to the landline phone. Statistics are showing a decrease in landline usage within the usual American family, thus the need for it has slowly gone away. Cellphones can memorize a lot of telephone numbers and smartphones can even find them online, so having a fixed phone in your house and a phone book has become redundant.

There are landline phones that offer the possibility of having a contact list, but usual landline consumers tend not to go with expensive models and stick with the basic and cheap landline their provider offers, thus leaving older family members without a real way of having a list of contacts.

Educating the older folk in regards of environmental disasters and how we can prevent them is the only way we can convince them that the Verizon White Pages should only be accessed online, rather than waste hundreds of tons of paper every year to print out a heavy book containing many phone numbers. The book would eventually become so heavy in a few years, due to the growth in population, that it would defeat it’s purpose by being heavy and hard to search for someone, given the amount of information that has been written into one single book.

We should look at 2016 as a year where we can take the Verizon White Pages to a new level and offer people the possibility to interact with other people using social media, where all the important and relevant information about a person can be found. Privacy settings might restrict information such as a Verizon phone number, but contacting directly through the respective website is still an available option.