Simple way to find friends and family with Verizon White Pages

The Verizon White Pages consist of a book containing white, yellow and gray pages listings delivered until now every year to customers of the Verizon Network.

The automatic delivery of the big and bulky phonebook has been stopped last year due to environmental concerns. By stopping the shipments approximately 2000 tons of paper will be spared each year, equivalent is somewhere near the amount of 1500 normal sized cars.

The efforts of Verizon of introducing paperless billing has paid off, more than 300.000 customers across the United States of America choosing this option, saving over 60.000 trees in the process.

Verizon Communications has started as a global telecommunications company in the year 1983 having given as its first name Bell Atlantic with the headquarters in Philadelphia.

In present days, the company is offering its services across 11 states in America. A number of services include the following:

  • Voice Communication with Voicemail
  • Verizon VoiceWing – in partnership with Deltathree
  • Video using the FiOS service
  • A number of data plans
  • Directory operations

The Verizon White Pages are not the only ones present in the phonebook, being joined by the yellow pages which are well-known for advertising from companies and gray pages which are also known by “reverse telephone directory” is used by the customer to find a person’s name and address by looking up the phone number. Using this multifunctional book, one could lookup different addresses, services and phone numbers very easily and without the need of an Internet connection.

The modern era comes with new ways of looking someone up in the Verizon White Pages using specialized websites such as or which offer up-to-date and fast searching of any kind for businesses or home telephone numbers.

The white pages can still be delivered to you by Verizon if you request this formally. In the other case, you will not receive your annual phonebook anymore starting 2012. Some argue that even though technology makes lookups more easy and cheap, an old trustworthy telephone book should still be kept in the house in the event that you need an urgent number and your connection is down, or simply because elder people are not familiar with the Internet or modern computer, so they prefer to lookup people in the Verizon White Pages the old fashioned way.