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Future of the Verizon White Pages, viewed from 2016


The Verizon White Pages have evolved in the past years and this is showing, especially in the online environment. A white pages address lookup has been made even easier by the addition of new ways to search for someone.


White pages in app stores

We already know the paper form of the white pages has been long gone since a few years now; thus creating a need for online versions of the white and yellow pages. The competition is heating up, and some big publications have started implementing their services right into smartphones.

Take for example the Whitepages application in the Google Play store. It has a rating of 4.3 and has already been installed between 1 and 5 million times. Those are approximately 5 million people that use their recyclable smartphones and not paper.


Landline landslides

Of course, not everything in the Verizon White Pages sector is blooming. Landlines are becoming things of the past. The cancellation of landline phone numbers is on a downhill in the average home, but it is also starting to see a decline in businesses also.

More and more companies prefer to use Skype for Business and plain old e-mail, thus replacing the need for the not-so-cheap telephone lines. Cost reduction is in the focus of many companies, even big corporations, so it is only natural that we see a shift to a more inexpensive and efficient ways to communicate.


Social media, the new marketplace

Recently, Facebook launched their version of eBay called Facebook Marketplace. Before, if you wanted to sell a product and especially a service, you would open the dusty phonebook and browse the yellow pages to get yourself an electrician or a new stove.

The experience on this new social media marketplace is aimed at being a social one, having the ease of a casual communication between buyers and sellers. By using features such as GPS location and build-in sell modules, the whole process of finding and buying a product is made much easier, same goes for the seller who can now shave a good lump of time off composing an add and offering additional information over the phone.


Future of the Verizon White Pages

The future is always uncertain when a product or service has been moved from being an offline resource to an online one. It can take many shapes and forms and it is very hard to predict the direction it is going towards, or if it even survives the journey. What is certain is that the yellow and white pages have not disappeared, but merely became something more easy to use, useful and eco-friendly.

General Verizon White Pages updates


The Verizon White Pages have been a part of everyone’s quest of having a reliable experience when finding friends or loved ones. After Verizon decided to discontinue the White Pages, many people have asked themselves how to find other people, regardless of the presence of a PC or a Internet Connection.

The option of delivering the physical telephone book is no longer available, thus older folk with little or no IT knowledge being abandoned from having access to vital information when they need it.


We have 2 camps that dispute this long-old problem. On one side there are the providers who are forced by environmentalist campaigns or laws to stop wasting so much paper on a resource that can be found online, and on the other side we have people who still believe that the Verizon White Pages, accessible anytime, regardless of IT factors, should still be available.

The telephone book has been present in everybody’s home, next to the landline phone. Statistics are showing a decrease in landline usage within the usual American family, thus the need for it has slowly gone away. Cellphones can memorize a lot of telephone numbers and smartphones can even find them online, so having a fixed phone in your house and a phone book has become redundant.

There are landline phones that offer the possibility of having a contact list, but usual landline consumers tend not to go with expensive models and stick with the basic and cheap landline their provider offers, thus leaving older family members without a real way of having a list of contacts.

Educating the older folk in regards of environmental disasters and how we can prevent them is the only way we can convince them that the Verizon White Pages should only be accessed online, rather than waste hundreds of tons of paper every year to print out a heavy book containing many phone numbers. The book would eventually become so heavy in a few years, due to the growth in population, that it would defeat it’s purpose by being heavy and hard to search for someone, given the amount of information that has been written into one single book.

We should look at 2016 as a year where we can take the Verizon White Pages to a new level and offer people the possibility to interact with other people using social media, where all the important and relevant information about a person can be found. Privacy settings might restrict information such as a Verizon phone number, but contacting directly through the respective website is still an available option.

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Clearing up the Verizon White Pages Directory


A directory or a file system helps us index important data within a document. The Verizon White Pages Directory extends the functionality of the telephone book, offering the user a clear and structured view on the white and yellow pages.

The white pages schema is data organized in a specific way by the telecom service providers to offer the customers the best experience when it comes to finding people that they are interested in. Having a big directory such as the telephone book helps users to find specific people or businesses in a matter of minutes. These minutes have been turned into seconds in the past 20 years thanks to the evolution of online directories such as the Verizon White Pages Directory.


Because the physical telephone book has gone out of production, some people, especially elder folk, have manifested an upset on the way Verizon has handled the situation. “Having a copy in front of you is not the same as watching a monitor” is what a man from Brooklyn says. While this may be true, environmentalists have succeeded in eliminating a big issue which is wasting tons of wood from forest trees in order to print out tons of paper. One Verizon White Pages Directory can weigh up to 2.5 lbs; scaling that up to millions of books, we end up with a hefty chunk of paper that is literally wasted.

As with landlines, the white and yellow pages will also go out of existence at some point due to the low demand that it is getting now, and will get in the future. Online directories offer the same functionality, at the same time offering multiple advantages over what was 10 years ago considered standard. The lightning fast speed at which you can search, the up to date database and the easy interface can easily outclass a directory at any point in time.

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The White Pages Ohio are helping agriculture thrive


Ohio is one of very few states that gets it’s name from it’s main water source, namely the Ohio river that translates into “great river”. Like any other state in the US, it’s population is quite high, so the demand for a telephone book service that can serve the white pages Ohio is mandatory.

All over the country, the Verizon White Pages are dropping it’s chunky telephone book in favour of online services that can basically replace it. Ohio is a state mainly based on agriculture, which is an area of business that links people and the need for contacting each other is pretty high considering farming connects different supply chains.


The industry in this part of the US is clearly held strong by Ohio, being surpassed only by New York and California on the national scale. The white pages Ohio and the Verizon White Pages help the residents of this state to have a better understanding of the need for human communication. Verizon is one of the top telecom networks that provide efficient and quality services to it’s customers. Having a good reputation is important in a state such as Ohio for the fact that it’s citizens have high expectations when they rely on a service provider to help them in their agricultural journey.

Agriculture and nature and strongly bonded. When the news came in that Verizon will stop dropping it’s white pages and yellow pages each year at everyone’s porch, people have had a positive reaction because of the huge savings in paper and trees that this decision will have on the long run. Cutting down trees and investing them into paper that will later be used to have huge lists of contacts isn’t the best way to make the people from Ohio be happy in regards to your services.

Not only that the white pages Ohio have gone to a more environmentally friendly approach, but also the traditional industry of this state, which is agriculture, will continue to thrive and prosper because of Verizon’s decision to make the delivery of the telephone book optional for every customer. Being in a win-win situation, the future of online listings is quite bright; the need for a big bulky book being eradicated and replaced with an important piece of the 21st century, the Internet.

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Verizon White Pages moving on


The Verizon White Pages have been undergoing a series of changes in the past 5 years, more and more online portals being born in the Internet era of finding people.
Today you can find a person just by a simple search on different social networking websites, making it very easy to get in touch with a certain person or company. Although this is very convenient, business tend to not use them for the fact that it’s an informal way to get hold of a person, especially if the topic is business related.

Anyone can get a phone number these days simply by buying a prepaid card, making it harder for someone to find you by the traditional means of reverse lookup. In these situations, social networking can be the only way of getting the hold of a person.
The Verizon customer service is a great way to find details about the delivery stoppage of the last few years in regards to the telephone book. Most people prefer to use a smartphone, tablet or a computer in order to quickly find someone they are interested in, making the phonebook obsolete.
Online phone books represent the evolution of the physical phone book, transforming something that caused harm to nature into something useful, free of cost and environmentally friendly. Doing a white page phone search no longer requires time to search through alphabetical lists of people, being done much easier with just a few key presses and two taps of a mouse.
The Verizon White Pages have evolved concomitant with the telephone book. Everything has moved into the digital era, including the endless search for friends, family or loved ones. Having a big grey and yellow, heavy telephone book is still an option, but that option soon will be obsolete and probably will be part a 20th century museum in the next few years.