Clearing up the Verizon White Pages Directory

A directory or a file system helps us index important data within a document. The Verizon White Pages Directory extends the functionality of the telephone book, offering the user a clear and structured view on the white and yellow pages.

The white pages schema is data organized in a specific way by the telecom service providers to offer the customers the best experience when it comes to finding people that they are interested in. Having a big directory such as the telephone book helps users to find specific people or businesses in a matter of minutes. These minutes have been turned into seconds in the past 20 years thanks to the evolution of online directories such as the Verizon White Pages Directory.


Because the physical telephone book has gone out of production, some people, especially elder folk, have manifested an upset on the way Verizon has handled the situation. “Having a copy in front of you is not the same as watching a monitor” is what a man from Brooklyn says. While this may be true, environmentalists have succeeded in eliminating a big issue which is wasting tons of wood from forest trees in order to print out tons of paper. One Verizon White Pages Directory can weigh up to 2.5 lbs; scaling that up to millions of books, we end up with a hefty chunk of paper that is literally wasted.

As with landlines, the white and yellow pages will also go out of existence at some point due to the low demand that it is getting now, and will get in the future. Online directories offer the same functionality, at the same time offering multiple advantages over what was 10 years ago considered standard. The lightning fast speed at which you can search, the up to date database and the easy interface can easily outclass a directory at any point in time.