Verizon White Pages in the future of 2013

If you need to find somebody quickly, weather we are talking about friends, family, lost relatives or buddies, you would have to pick up the telephone book and search the white pages for names.

Today with the development of social websites like Facebook, and increasing number of smartphones like the iPhone or Android based devices, one can find their loved ones way more easier, anywhere and anytime, as long as the Internet is alive.

Question that anybody asks here is: Are the Verizon White Pages necessary anymore? If finding people is a click away, do we need to have bulky books that contain information?

The in-between solution presented would be the use of online white pages services. These services are getting more and more popular, as people can be found easily through their surname, phone number, e-mail or other credentials.

The current use of the telephone book which consists of the white pages, yellow pages and gray pages has its majority in the more elderly folk who prefer to use traditional methods to find their loved ones, rather than using online marketing products.

Verizon is discouraging the use of physical books to get information. Pressure by the environmentalists is growing larger and larger. Being a big company, it has to adapt to the needs of today’s current society.

Our search needs can be filled by using search engines and online services rather than relying on offline methods such as the Verizon White Pages in order to find telephone numbers.

In the end, progress has said the final word when it comes to the subject of searching for people. Not long ago, not having a book in which you could find any telephone number would have been a great discomfort. Nowadays it’s merely just a piece of history waiting to be written.